The Dog by Pablo Picasso
Dog Poster Art Print

This art poster print is a serigraph of the Pablo Picasso drawing titled "The Dog". One of Picasso's more well known animal drawings. The dog is believed to be his own pet dachshund dog named Lump. Pablo Picasso lived from 1881 to 1973 and created about 20,000 works of art during his life time. See this and other dog art print posters...

Art print by Pablo Picasso titled The Dog
The Dog Art Print Serigraph
Pablo Picasso

This art print poster is a simple drawing of a dachshund dog. A famous piece by the artist Pablo Picasso, the subject is believed to be his own pet, a dachshund dog named Lump. Put one of Picasso's works of art on the wall in your home or office. More fantastic dog poster art prints...

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